Mission & Strategy

DiChiara Creative is an advertising, marketing, and public relations agency which is a business in ministry which provides creative and energetic advertising and marketing support to any business, while seeking to be more Christlike, and to share His life and love throughout the marketplace.

Our goal is to be a market leader in any business opportunities where we can best utilize our gifts and competencies.  We will accomplish this by releasing every God-given gift and talent He has given us.  It is our desire to stand out by thoroughly trying to understand our customer, create innovative ideas, and provide superior customer service; demonstrating uncompromising intergrity and respect amongst ourselves, our customers, our partners and community. 



Creativity goes well beyond the creation of ads for all types of media.  Just as creativity is vital to your message, it also takes creativity in your media buy to make it all work in harmony.  Businesses may or may not be familiar with CPM’s (Cost Per Thousands), and/or how many GRP’s (Gross Rating Points) they paid out for their media.  GRP’s measure the total volume of delivery of your message to your target audience.

Sounds impressive, right?   True; but it does not make an impact to the business owner, traffic does.  The bottom line is traffic.  No matter what type of business you have, traffic is what creates results.  At DiChiara Creative, we are especially trained in the Arbitron and Neilsen Ratings Systems, giving you the most aggressive media buying power available.

We specialize in getting you the most coverage for your dollar, and negotiate the best rates, while ensuring you the most honest and integrity possible.  Because after all, we represent you.




Frequency must work for television, and every market is different.  Larger markets commonly demand larger rates.  In some cases, even small and medium sized markets can be expensive due to some competitiveness and outside influences.  The television market is commonly supply and demand (as are most things).  

So, our advantages are many.  Our production for television is produced in what we feel is the absolute best production studio.  It's the best equipment money can buy, and our production directors are experts at what they do.  We use the sharpest and cleanest font styles and graphics available today.  We produce hardsell, softsell, comedy, and image spots.  Our creative is a notch above the rest, because we know what it takes to establish customer flow. 

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Frequency and reach.  You hear that a lot.  Radio is likely the best CPM of all marketing mediums in every market, whether it be large or small.  We believe it's one of the most effective ways to advertise.  Some businesses do not believe in radio working for them, and this misunderstanding is due to three things:  First, most agencies do not produce creative and/or effective spots for a specific customer.  They "cookie-cut" a bunch a radio spots and simply "add in" your company name.  Second, inexperience would have most of the copy concentrating on all copy and hooks rather than producing an effective spot with specific "ear hooks."  Some businesses even use the local DJ from the station, whose voice is often overused on others clients in the same market.  Here, your spots gets confused with the others.  And third, most radio flights are done incorrectly.  Our radio production advantages are that our voice talents from across America are experts in voice inflection and delivery.  We have access to an extensive supply of sound effects and music libraries to fit your needs.  And, we produce spots that fit your product and market.  Listners neede to hear more than just price offers.

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Businesses use newspaper ads due to the, "if they're doing it, we must need to do it too" theory.  We believe that effectiveness here comes from the enticement of customers or clients being able to see your business before and/or after reading classifieds.  It does make sense that some relative print publications are also effective if targeted correctly.

Print is necessary, especially in a supportive role.  Therefore, we can provide whatever assistance your business may need in print to compliment your electronic media.  And that's what matters, isn't it? We can come up with the creative needed for business cards, pamphlets, inserts; or even regular, proven print mats geared specifically to your business. 

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A proportional piece of your advertising budget is great here, provided the flights that you run in the theaters are smart and effective.  We provide billboard ads, but specialize in a 30 second running ad that looks just like your television ad - except it's 40 feet wide!  We can discuss this with you and show you how we can creatively and efffectively utilize this resource. 

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Social Media

Businesses that are not in touch with the realm of social media are rapidly falling behind in their brand recognition efforts.  One of the most inexpensive yet quickest ways to go "viral" in the marketplace, is to have your business effectively tied into several social networking sites.  Our reach of experts in this area will help your business reach the customers that you're looking for and wanting to connect with.  After all, it's the tying in of all your marketing efforts to produce what you're looking for...results!


Species of our Advertising

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Media Planning, Buying, & Invoice Auditing
  • Creative Development
  • Sales Promotions
  • Direct Response
  • Seminar & Event Programs
  • Website Development
  • Sales & Motivational Meetings

Sales & Motivational 

Having an extensive background in motivating people, Benny DiChiara is available to your company, small business, or group for motivational and/or sales meetings.  He draws his experience from having taught motivationally while serving in the U.S. Navy, as well as serving as Junior Partner for a wholesale-to-retail regional office in Tennessee, and as an Assistant Department Head for the Humana Hospital system in New Orleans.

For more information on these services, please call for a one-to-one discussion of your needs.



Awards & Recognition

DiChiara Creative has won multiple industry-related awards such as the Telly Award as both a Winner and a Finalist, an ADDY Award winner, as being selected as a winner of the Sales & Marketing Executives Award.